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How long have you been doing professional architectural / hotel photography?

It is our 6th season. Even wedding photography is taking a lot of time of our schedule during summertime andworking with two different styles of photography is challenging, it also gives outstanding results because elegancy and luxury styles connect together.

In what part of the world you are working? Should we pay extra fee for your traveling?

We do work all around the world. The travel fees are not included in the chosen package price. Usually it takes from 3 to 7 days to get imaginary that we need. In this case we also need accommodation for 2 persons with food & beverage included for our stay term.

Does Hotelsphotos.com Team make only Indoor/Outdoor footage?

Our team is professionally equipped and prepared to make not only Indoor/Outdoor photography and videography but we also are working with everything you need for digital media. It includes Interiors, Exteriors, Aerial drone, Food & Beverages photography, Spa photography, Lifestyle photography, Travel or Destination and even Wedding photography.

Our Hotel is in a pre-opening stage. Are you familiar with this type of photography?

We understand the importance of having a good imagery of your property from the first day. It is a key factor of presenting your property to the world of a great social media marketing. We are here to help you in any stage your Hotel is facing. To have a material to start or continue advertising is always an urgent need, so please contact us as soon as possible to plan the project. And we could work with it.

We done hotel photography last year, do we need to do it again?

It is an important key to success. You need to update your pictures/videos every month on popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Booking.com, etc. Show your clients that there is always something new to see at your place.

What are prices and offers for Hotel Photography and Videography?

You can see our prices at “Prices & Packages” section. And still that depends what you need to get from us. Sometimes for getting the best result we stay at the hotel for two weeks or a whole month,. We always manage to propose you the best offer which matches your needs.

What is the delivery time for the photographs?

Usually the post-production of photos can take from one to two hours per photo. Most of the time all work being delivered between 14 and 28 business days and sometimes it takes a little longer. If we are talking about the cinematic video it can take around a month, depends on how busy the schedule is.

Do you ask for a payment in advance? When do we pay for your job?

You do not need to pay payment in advance. We do sign a contract before we come to your place. The final payment is being done when you get the finished project. Some customers want to pay for work on the day we come.